Valance in Ottawa

Valance is a popular ornament for windows. It can be made from fabrics with either eye-catching patterns or simple shade of colour. In fact, it can be matched with the existing window treatment’s colour scheme. There are also variations of cuts and metal hardware for window valance.


  • Pleasing to the eyes – Window valance adds elegance to any room. The striking pattern and unique textures offer design variation for the space. For instance, valance with swirls and beadwork can transform a basic area to a high-end and luxurious room. Moreover, this window covering efficiently hides unattractive and distracting metal hardware.
  • Unobstructed outdoor view – This window treatment can also provide an unobstructed view of the surroundings. However, it usually depends on the thickness of the fabric. Lightweight and thin fabric is ideal as it allows outdoor viewing and promotes proper air flow.
  • Easy cleaning – Valance is easy to clean. You only need to remove them from the metal rod and throw them inside the washing machine. However, it is ideal to check the recommended the cleaning method before putting the valance in a five-minute cycle. For daily cleaning, this window accent can be dust-off with a clean rug.
  • Cost-efficient – Valance remains to be an affordable alternative to curtains and other window treatments. The market price usually depends on the type of fabric, cut and the detail of the style.

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