Custom Upholstery in Ottawa

Furniture reupholstery can make old and tired sofas and chairs look luxurious and more desirable to the eyes. Furniture upholstering gives your space life and a vibrant feel. Elite Draperies is an Ottawa destination for custom upholstery. You need it? We will do it.


  • Customization – Your furniture can be customized to the needs of your home decor. Choose the colors, patterns and fabrics that match, and anything is possible.
  • Luxurious and attractive – A custom made furniture is more attractive than most of the already-made sofas found in stores. Because they will be made under specific style requirements, finding a similar design concept would be almost be impossible. Reupholstering can immediately give a worn down furniture an exquisite and luxurious new look.
  • Wide range of designs – With professional upholstery, chairs and other furniture can be fitted with the trendiest colours and fabrics. There is a wide range of design options that can transform any chair or table into the most elegant home decorations.
  • Extend life – Upholstering can drastically extend the life of your furniture. By using quality fabrics and cushions, the pristine structure of the furniture can be kept for generations. In fact, reupholstered furniture can be a family heirloom.
  • Great for health –Furniture upholstery is known as the most effective way to remove dusts and stains while enhancing the appearance of the room.

Looking for custom upholstery? At Elite Draperies, we have an amazing collection of fabric and skilled team that can fulfill any of your upholstery needs. As a dedicated and committed upholstery store in Ottawa, we are here to turn your project into a reality. Come in or schedule a consultation today. Call 613-730-9090 or fill out the form below.