Custom Blinds in Ottawa

Selecting the best coverings for your windows boil down to a few things: fabric, structure, length, coverage and hardware. While there are many ready-made window coverings at boutiques and online, custom blinds are still the best option if you want an exquisite designs. At Elite Draperies, we are one of the leading experts in custom blinds around Ottawa. Our product line of blinds is endless. Whether you are looking for a unique look, our honeycomb blinds might be your favourite. For a more automated set of blinds. motorized blinds can take care of most of the opening and closing of blinds.

Our custom blinds feature the following:

  • Customization – An obvious advantage of customized blinds is it will elegantly feature the desired colour, pattern or texture that you desire.
  • Impeccable construction – Many ready-made blinds are poorly constructed and can have a negative impact on your interior assets. With custom window treatments, they are made to last a life time.
  • More privacy and light protection – Since our custom blinds are made from durable and quality materials, they can offer better protection against UV rays and provide more privacy.
  • Tailored-fit – Off-the-shelf blinds can have the wrong measurement and dimension for the windows. Customized blinds are tailored to fit your window requirements. From design, material to size, they are specifically made to satisfy your needs.
  • Match existing interior design – Read-made blinds have limited design options, which make them more difficult to complement most interior design schemes. With custom blinds, they can be beautifully matched to the look and feel of the home.

As one of the leading experts in custom blinds in Ottawa, Elite Draperies will only use the finest materials to build the most effective window blinds for you project. Quality construction is always guaranteed with every order of custom blinds. Come into our showroom today or book a consultation. Call 613-730-9090 or fill out the form below and a specialist will be in touch with you in the next while.